Senior Systems Engineer Ed Yasko

Ed Yasko has recently been promoted to Senior Systems Engineer. Ed has not only proven his technical value and dedication here at Tech II but also his business acumen, a much needed attribute in evolving our offerings. As Ed transitions into his new role he will spend more time focusing on Tech II infrastructure, service escalations, supporting training and coaching other Systems Engineers. In the senior position Ed will be in tune with business logistics and initiatives work closely with and advise Systems Engineers including the RMM team.

Ed has worked at Tech II for 3 years as a Systems Engineer and had previously been involved in high level strategies with clients in helping to create secure and complex technology issues. When not working on technology issues, Ed can be found singing and playing guitar with the band Last Ride.

Here’s a look at Ed’s goals, advice, and where he finds his technology inspiration

Q: What are some of your priorities as Tech II’s newest Senior Systems Engineer?

ED: My priority right now is the roll-out of the newest version of our remote management system and Managed Services program, all the while continuing to engineer and implement world-class technology solutions for our customers.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your process of finding a solution to a client’s complex technology needs.

ED: When I assess a customer’s systems and network I always ask about what their daily struggles are, anything that is a constant pain point or otherwise causes inefficiencies in their workflow. I try to understand not only their systems from a technical standpoint, but also their business in general. This puts me in a much better position to recommend and implement technology solutions that are both simple and powerful, as well as uniquely aligned with their business needs.

Q: What’s some of the most counter-intuitive technology advice you’ve ever given that’s driven client success?

ED: Many times, small business owners have a hard time sifting through the plethora of terminology and assorted acronyms that come along with technology. I can relate, since it is a lot to take in if it’s not something you do every day. The recurring thing that I tell all of my customers is that it’s very important to “keep it simple.” It’s easy to over-analyze and complicate systems unnecessarily. My job is to handle the 1s and 0s, simplify their technology, and let the small business owner get back to managing their business – something that only they can do best.

Q. Where are some good sources for technology inspiration?
ED: I find inspiration from both our partners/vendors, as well as our competitors. Working closely with partners like Dell and Cisco, I get the inside scoop on what kinds of new and exciting technologies are out there now, and that are coming down the road. Since technology is an ever-changing landscape, it’s very easy to remain challenged and excited for the next project in this field.