You can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

And that in a nutshell sums up why a security risk assessment (SRA) is necessary when it comes to addressing your business’s cybersecurity needs. But of course, there is more to the story, that’s simply the headline. Starting with an SRA is the first step to identify what should be a long-term partnership with your technology provider.

Doing this audit is a great way for us to create a mutual business plan together. We are able to identify and where you are weak, broken, or lacking in your defense against cybercrime. Then together, we can create a plan to address each of these gaps and remediate them. This plan is a way to outline how you can securely and successfully grow your business.

The SRA give us an action plan to work within budget and any other resource factors that might be in place. It can also help us identify high-priority items that need to be addressed immediately.

With each risk identified, and the impact on business factors, we can address how to mitigate any gaps and create an action plan to address each weakness over time or how to build up a stronger cybersecurity posture.

In fact, doing them on a regular basis can address any hardware and software changes that are ongoing in most business environments. It’s also a great opportunity to review policies and procedures and make any updates to inventory that may have changed since the last assessment.

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