Who is Implementing and Maintaining Your Physical Security Systems?

Having the right people setting up and caring for your physical security systems is important. After all, you can’t hire just anyone with a product line – even if they are a nationally known brand.
You can’t risk the sloppy, uninsured work of a one-man installation “team,” and you don’t want a cookie-cutter solution that doesn’t fit your business. Your workflow, your people, and your facility all have unique security requirements that must be individually addressed by a physical security solution professional.

Let the Tech II team provide you with cutting-edge physical security advice, solutions, and management.

We will provide your business with:

  • Professionally Crafted Security Strategy – Your security should have some thought and planning behind its implementation and management. Our security professionals will take the time to do a thorough assessment of your facility and personnel safety requirements and devise a security strategy that will address your company’s unique needs.
  • Access Controls – Letting the right people into your facility – or specific rooms/areas of your facility – and keeping those without the right credentials out is why you are interested in access controls. Sure, you could just hand out keys. But keys can be copied, lost, borrowed, or stolen. Keys just aren’t the answer. Using electronically controlled locks and personal identifiers such as access cards or biometrics, Tech II can ensure that your controlled access areas remain secure.
  • Access Control Integrated Surveillance Systems: – Hundreds of incidents of break-ins, vandalism, and internal criminal behavior are reported by businesses across the country each day. Those companies with video proof can substantiate their case easily. Those that have integrated video surveillance with their physical access systems fare even better. Unfortunately, those without video surveillance rarely get justice. Today’s digital video surveillance systems have capabilities that the old analog systems could only dream of having. For example, with a digital video surveillance system, you can sit in your cottage by the lake and see everything that’s going on in your business from your laptop, and access credentials can include facial recognition.

Whether you need a comprehensive security strategy formulated by a professional or management of your current security systems, the Tech II team has the skillset and trusted credentials that your business needs.