The image below is a true comparison of “resolution” The difference between a traditional analog camera VS. 4MP camera expanded to the same size. This clearly illustrates the disparities in resolution, or lack there of.

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Resolution- is easily described as the amount of pixels that make up an image. Megapixel (MP) is defined as an image with roughly a million pixels. The more pixels you have the more detailed the image is.

When selecting a camera lens here are a few things to consider:

  • Varifocal Lens– is a camera lens that can be adjusted either manually or by a motorized lens to obtain different focal lengths (zoom).
  • Focal Length– is the horizontal and vertical distance that can be magnified through the camera lens and is measured in millimeters. Focal length is especially important in critical areas where specific detail is needed. Retail stores, for example, need the ability to have facial recognition and, therefore, need different focal length capabilities from an outdoor park area. Most of the lens market is dominated by 2.8mm (wide-angle) and 12mm (close up).
  • Fixed Lens– is a camera that has a set focal length and cannot be changed.

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Still confused? Check out our YouTube video to further understand how pixels influence resolution!